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About Us

Mar 11, 21

About Us

Gardiners Farm & Country Is more than just a Clothing Store.

Established in 1779 by George Gardiner, initially as a Blacksmiths Shop it then went on to offer services such as Vehicle & Machinery Servicing & Repairs thus moving to Frosterley to a bigger premises.

In 2007 Jonathan Gardiner broadened his horizons and has gone on to develop the largest Country Store in the Weardale area, stocking a wide range of Clothing, Boots, Hardware, Accessories & providing everything needed for shooting, Farming, equestrian sports & a wide range of Country Pursuits.

We stock more in store than we do online.  Please see below (This list is not exhaustive - please call to ask if we stock what you need)

Animal Feed

Sheep, Chicken, Duck, Cow, Horse, Dog, Cat, Pig, Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Ferret, Squirrel, Hamster, Gerbil, Bird, Fish.

Animal Health

Dog & Cat Wormer, Lambing Supplies, Lamb Milk, Calf Milk, Colostrum, Iodine.

Animal Accessories

Dog Beds, Equestrian Accessories, Horse Rugs, Brushes, Buckets, Dog Bowls, Cat Litter Trays, Cat Litter, Dog Toys, cat Toys, Dog & Cat Leads, Dog Coats.


Oils, lubricants, Rat Poison, Mole Traps, Rat & Mouse Traps, Petrol Cans, Fence Paint, Paint Brushes, Axes, Buckets, Spray Bottles, Hammers, Screwdrivers, Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Padlocks, Chain, Fencing Parts, Hinges, Brenton Bolts, Spring Bolts, Spanners, Drill Bits, Drill, Camping Gas. Weld on Hinges

Car Care

Sponge, Brush, Shampoo, Polish, Air Freshener, Ad Blue, Oil, Transmission Fluid.


Compost, Fertiliser, Fence Paint, Shovel, Spade, Rake, Fork, Brush, weed killer, Grass Seed, Tomorite, Fish Blood, wheelbarrow, watering can.


Coal, Logs, Kindling, Firelighters, Polish, Disinfectant, Hand wash, Lighters, Stove Paint, Stove Rope, Soap, Cloths, Sponges.

As on our website we stock Clothing, Wellies, Boots, Safety Boots, Workwear, Waterproofs & much more outdoor and Country Clothing.